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The exchange of experience (EoE) platform of CoPoRI is containing the frequently asked question (FAQ) catalog on issues how to implement an ESFRI roadmap project as well as a database of statutes of ESFRI projects already established as a legal entity.

The FAQs are based on exchange of experience activities between the ESFRI projects since 2008 up to 2013 organized by ePPCC or CoPoRI as well as on deliverables and expertise of preparatory phase projects of ESFRI projects funded by the European Commission (EC) etc.

The FAQs will hopefully help new projects to smoothly bridge or avoid typical project challenges which the more advanced ESFRI projects have experienced over their project cycle before.

The FAQs cover questions ESFRI projects have frequently been dealing with in the past. The answers are extracts from existing workshop papers and specialist literature and were reviewed by experts and the CoPoRI EoE working group . You find the experts and the source documents at the end of every FAQ.

FAQs are available for the following issues:

  • How to deal with In-Kind Contributions?
  • How to cope with the phase between an EC funded project and an implemented European research infrastructure, the so called Interim Phase?
  • How to choose the most appropriate legal form for an European research infrastructure?


The statute database gives an overview of the legal forms of ESFRI projects that have already overcome the step from a project to a legal entity by end of 2013. The database is categorized into legal forms and provides the corresponding statute documents.


Furthermore you can find helpful documents and presentations of three CoPoRI EoE workshops which covered the following issues:

11-12 June 2012:  Preparatory Phase towards implementation of an ESFRI project, Access policy  Link to 1st CoPoRI Workshop
12-13 February 2013: Sustainability and setting up a legal entity of European research infrastructures Link to 2nd CoPoRI Workshop 
3-4 December 2013: Reaching financial & managerial maturity; added Pan-European value; data challenges for European research infrastructures Link to 3rd CoPoRI Workshop



Final Report about exchange of experiences and best practice now available for download.




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