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Welcome to the website of CoPoRI, an EU-funded project supporting the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). The acronym CoPoRI stands for "Communication and Policy development for Research Infrastructures in Europe".

CoPoRI is a service tool for ESFRI, which supports a coherent and strategy-led approach to policy making on Research Infrastructures in Europe and facilitates multilateral initiatives for the better use and development of Research Infrastructures, at European and international level.

In this context CoPoRI supports ESFRI in labour intensive activities like organising pan-European workshops on special thematic issues, especially with regard to the analysis of the socio-economic aspects of Research Infrastructures and the setting up of "regional partner facilities". Beyond this, CoPoRI will encourage and facilitate discussions and share best practices among ESFRI projects on issues of common interest. This will be done on the basis of case studies as well as through analyses and lessons learned. CoPoRI will also enhance the outreach of Research Infrastructures on the ESFRI roadmap and of ESFRI itself. CoPoRI will finally facilitate the interaction between policy makers on the one hand and the scientific community on the other hand and will thus enhance networking in both directions.

To ensure a coherent support, CoPoRI is closely linked to the ESFRI Forum, its chair and the relevant working groups. The project structure is outlined under project partners.

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