Work packages

The CoPoRI project is funded by the European Commission under the Research Infrastructures Programme of FP7 for 2.5 years (October 2011 – March 2014). The project is organized in four work packages:

Work Package 1: Project coordination and management (DLR)

This work package is about overall coordination and management of the project.

Work Package 2: Socio-economic impact (DLR)

The socio-economic impact of Research Infrastructures in the host country and in the surrounding region is often considerable. A study has shown that Research Infrastructures offer a qualified public procurement market worth ~ 8-9 billion Euro per year to European industries. This amount has increased by ~ 5.5% per year over the last 10 years. Although the socio-economic impact is still difficult to measure, CoPoRI will deal with this aspect based on a desk research of the existing literature. The overall objective of this work package is to organise a high-level workshop with representative experts from the industrial, scientific and political arena to resume the findings in a final policy paper and thus provide a more concrete picture of the socio-economic dimension of Research Infrastructures in the end. The document is to be disseminated mainly to policy- and decision-makers.

Work Package 3: Consultation platform/best practices (DESY)

This work package aims to share best practice and to provide a platform for exchange of experiences between all ESFRI projects, those Research Infrastructures already in the implementation phase, those in preparation and new ones. With this work package, CoPoRI pursues some very successful measures of the European Commission. The work package basically aims to support the implementation phase of the ESFRI projects on the Roadmap. To that end, an expert group (EoE working group) has been set up, workshops will be organised on a regularly basis, a FAQ catalogue will be compiled and the possibility to establish a "club of ESFRI Research Infrastructures" will be discussed and analysed.

The third EoE-Workshop takes place from 04 to 05 December 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.

The second EoE-Workshop took place from 12 to 13 February 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.

The first EoE-Workshop took place from 11 to 12 June 2012 in Hamburg, Germany.

Work Package 4: Communication & dissemination of project output (DLR)

This work package will enhance the outreach of ESFRI and of Research Infrastructures on the ESFRI Roadmap. It is expected to increase the visibility of ESFRI and to facilitate the communication between ESFRI and the scientific community, national and international authorities and other interest groups. The deliveries of this work package will be e.g. an ESFRI image brochure including stories about successfully established Research Infrastructures from the ESFRI Roadmap, and a regularly updated webpage. Relevant media and journalists contacts will be compiled in a database. Internal communication measures include an intranet platform to facilitate the work-flow between project partners involved in CoPoRI and between ESFRI projects in general.

The first major delivery is an ESFRI exhibition stand.

Brochure European Research Infrastructures wirth global impact 

Brochure "European Research Infrastructures with global impact" (2013)



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